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With Sustainability in Mind

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Long before our dream to start a hemp farm became a reality our personal values were rooted in nature. It was this passion and love for the environment that shaped the values for our business. We recognized that so many companies in the cannabis industry don't prioritize the health of our planet. We knew Rippled Leaf Farms could be better. So we proceeded to create some of the most eco-friendly hemp products you can find.

The Hemp Itself

The basis for the whole idea of having a sustainable product must stem from the product itself. Hemp is quickly rising in popularity due to many factors, one of the key ones being that it is fairly easy to grow. Hemp does not require a lot of water to get through its life cycle. Using pesticides on any hemp crop is also a big no-no. Because of this, there is no run-off of pollutants into water systems or chemicals getting leached into the soil. Farmers typically use all organic nutrients rather than artificial ones, meaning that those buds you smoke are as natural as could be.

If you would like to learn more about the secret of CBG, check out this blog post.

It Doesn't Stop There

Our love for the environment goes far beyond just our hemp. When it comes to our packaging, we had to make hard decisions every step of the way. With every seemingly little decision, from tags to boxes, we had to consciously make the decision to do good for our planet. It was quickly obvious why other hemp companies don't go the eco-friendly route: it's time-consuming and expensive.

All of the sustainable packing materials that we use at Rippled Leaf Farms. We have chosen eco friendly boxes, recyclable tape and eco-friendly product label tags. Our stickers are made in en environmentally friendly way and don't have harmful chemicals in them. Instead of using harmful plastics to hold our CBG hemp we payed up and got glass that can be reused or repurposed. The vials that contain CBG pre rolls and CBG palm leaf rolls are also glass, and cork tops to seal them shut. Cork is actually really sustainable because no trees are harmed in the processing of it.
Sustainable Packing Materials

Planet Over Profit

Let me tell you, it's hard being a start up business while watching our margins shrink. While we knew we needed to stick to our values, it was heartbreaking to see how big of a barrier to entry there was. Practically every single thing we needed to order was outrageously more expensive than what everyone else was using. But that is just the point. We didn't want to be like everyone else. So we toughed it out and followed our values, and now we couldn't be happier. We learned an important lesson: If you want to sell a product you have to be truly proud of it.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We busted our butts to find a way to package our hemp without utilizing a cheap plastic container. From the beginning, we knew glass was the way to go. Not only does it look beautiful, but it is also reusable and not going to add to the problem of micro-plastics. We have been through more than our share of CBD stores and it is always heartbreaking to see shelves lined with plastic containers, plastic pre roll tubes, plastic envelopes of flower, and plastic labels.

The kraft paper tags that are displayed on our products are one of our favorite things. All of our tags are from an eco-friendly company that prints on recycled paper and with soy or vegetable based inks. The string that our tags hang from is actually hemp twine. It is super heavy duty (did you know that hemp is the strongest natural fiber in the world?!) and biodegradable.

Rippled Leaf Farms chose to use Kraft paper tags aS labels on all of our products. This is way is much more sustainable than tradition sticker or plastic methods. We have all recyclable paper tags that have soy and vegetable based inks so as not to harm the environment. The string that holds them to our CBG products is hemp twine. Hemp twine is the strongest natural fiber, and is biodegradable.
A Unique Twist to Product Labels

All of the boxes that we ship are recyclable and taped shut with recyclable Kraft paper tape. Instead of using packing peanuts or bubble wrap we use all recycled Kraft paper to keep our products safe in their boxes. Our shipping labels are printed and taped on with our special tape so that we don't use sticker labels.

Our packaging for CBG products includes absolutely no plastic! The boxes, kraft paper tape, and kraft paper packing are recyclable! The packing paper is even used from recycled paper.
Recyclable Packaging

We include a little surprise inside each order. One of our new colorful and eco friendly Rippled Leaf Farms stickers! They are Greenguard Gold Certified, meaning that they meet specific requirements for chemical emissions and pollutants. They are produced on materials that don't have PVC or halogen, which are contributors to water and air pollution. The stickers are all weatherproof, tear-resistant, and have a five-year lifecycle.

We are so excited that everything has finally come together, and our hard work is paying off. As a small business every single sale puts a smile on our face. We are so happy to share our love for CBG with the world and spread our love for the planet. Remember, with every purchase you make, you are contributing to something bigger. So, as we always say, how will you embrace your ripple?

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