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July 14: This Week On The Farm

Can you believe that it is already the middle of July? This month has been FLYING by on the farm. We have been busy finishing up transplanting, navigating around the drought, and attending events! This week is a bit of a rollercoaster but it has sure been fun!

350 White CBG hemp plants that are vibrant green growing in reusable fabric pots in our hoop house greenhouse
CBG Plants In Greenhouse

Physical work on the farm has been pretty exhausting lately. It has been so hot, and our area is still in the middle of a rough drought. The greenhouse and field plants are still doing great though! Luckily hemp is a very durable crop, so it can handle a good amount of stress and still thrive. We have transplanted about half of our plants so far (the other half is getting wrapped up this week) and those ones are doing great! They are tucked happily in their new homes and have access to all the nutrients they need to thrive. We are using a slow release fertilizer this year that is designed specifically for hemp. So far they are loving it! Read more about transplanting and other farm work and events here.

Justin and I attended the Duluth Sidewalk Days Festival on July 7, 8, and 9! It was a BIG success and we are so proud of how our products and hard work showed off. We absolutely loved meeting so many new friendly and curious faces! It just goes to show just how important education around the hemp industry is. There is so much potential out there for this multi-use plant.

Our booth at Duluth Sidewalk Days Festival had colorful locally grown hemp signs, a wooden sign, and wooden display that held our reusable glass vials beautifully. A few plants on top of the table and a painting with our logo displayed on the white desk.
Duluth Sidewalk Days Festival

It was really amazing when people started coming back the next day, telling us excitedly how our CBG had helped them already. We were overjoyed! We heard story after story about how it helped with pain, stress, and relaxation.

Out booth was in a beautiful spot in front of historic brick building and next to another vendor that had many plants and crafty things. Our table display was wooden and held our reusable glass vials and sustainable products beautifully.
Booth At Duluth Sidewalk Days

Here were a few of our testimonials:

"I had such a relaxed night"

"I had an amazing night last night! My back pain was gone!"

"I didn't even realize how much my body needed the massage oil!"

"This is the best stuff for chronic pain. On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain went from an 8 to a 5, making my life more enjoyable. Waking up in less pain is quite a treat. I will try more products when available, dummies would be nice"

"I was able to work my whole shift without horrible back pain"

Wooden display holding sustainable CBG hemp products and sustainable packaging. A house plant pathos next to the dis[l;ay and our eco friendly vibrant stickers
Sustainable Hemp Products and Packaging

We also had few special products at our event. We had the CBG & Botanical blend rolls, a few special CBG palm rolls we don't have on our site yet, and our new massage oil! All were a huge hit. The massage oil will be on our website soon ( waiting on their recycled paper tags to ship). We love it because it is easy to apply whenever pain creeps in without having to smoke.

After Day 2 at the event we actually sold out of many of our products. All of our CBG palm leaf rolls sold out! We also completely sold out of all the CBG & Botanical blend rolls! So for those of you looking to find a unique blend of rose, lilac, lavender, and other herbs with our CBG you can check out Elements Botanical Wellness and get creative with mixing your own. The botanical rolls were personally my favorite, and I will for sure be creating my own unique blends to use in the mornings. Learn more about the botanical blends and why we did our collab in this blog.

Currently as we wait for the heat of the day to pass so we can start transplanting we are filling more rolls of hemp! Our palm rolls are back in stock on our website now and we are filling more orders for a few shops Rippled Leaf Farms products are in. If you are in the Duluth area check out Legacy Glassworks! We have some special CBG palm leaf rolls there if you are looking for a fun experience. We also have products available in Hideaway in Coon Rapids, Love is an Ingredient in Columbia Heights, and Legacy Glassworks in Minneapolis. We are also proud to announce that we are working with Ope Industries! It is a very special thing when you find another startup with great people and values that align. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get their products out into the hemp world.

As we look forward at the week we see many more challenges ahead, but we are grateful for the success we have had so far and we are confident in our ability to keep moving forward. Have a great week!

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