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June 18: This Week On The Farm

This week has been pretty mellow compared to many that we have experienced. We have just been fighting the continuous battles that we have been fighting all along, luckily nothing too crazy and out of the blue has popped up. The drought is still in full swing (not a single drop of water since last weeks 5 min sprinkle) and our irrigation pond as of today is officially dried up. Yay....

A deep hole that is usually filled with 10 feet of water is now completely dried up. Trees, willow, and blue skies in the background.
Dried Up Irrigation Pond

The weather has still not turned to our side, and the heat and direct sun continues. We got the privilege of watching a few massive storm clouds dense with lightning float by just barely missing our land. HOPEFULLY the rain that is supposed to come Sunday actually makes it. All the farms around here are desperate. Have I mentioned that it also has been really windy? Today we have sustained winds of 18mph. Normally that would feel really good considering the heat, but after our multiple greenhouse disasters every time it's windy we are walking on egg shells.

Little baby CBD & CBG hemp plants growing in brown peat pots in our greenhouse.
Greenhouse of CBD & CBG Hemp Plants

Watering our little baby hemp plants has been our biggest challenge this week. The greenhouse peat pots dry up so fast, so it needs to be watered 3-4 times a day. It is especially difficult on days like today when there is lots of wind and hardly any clouds. Our field has been doing okay since it holds moisture under the surface better, but it still is practically dust when you walk through it. The drip irrigation is actually really convenient because it only waters where the plants are, so we aren't waisting much water at all and only giving them exactly what they need.

This week I've had my hands full with creating content and marketing. Have you seen our recent blog on our collaboration with Elements Botanical Wellness?! Click here to read the blog or if you want to follow along on our journey we have daily updates and lots of helpful information on our Instagram! We also have a Facebook page and Pinterest if you want to check us out on those platforms. This week we sent out our first email to those subscribed to our mailing list! If you want to subscribe we only send emails if we have a new product, sales, or if we are attending an event. There will be no more than three emails a month and the little subscription form is on the bottom of the home page on our website.

After a year hiatus Justin was so excited to begin speaking again. Brian, a leader of the North St. Paul Rotary met Justin and I at our hemp stand while attending AOE graduation festival. After talking about hemp and baking rhubarb pie tips for a bit he mentioned what a great fit we would be speaking for his upcoming rotary meeting. Justin has loved speaking all of his life so of course he jumped at the opportunity! Weeks of rehearsal and hours spent building a presentation paid off early this morning as he gave his talk. It covered a range of topics including the birth of Rippled Leaf Farms, how and when to use cannabinoids, and all the amazing opportunities the hemp industry has to offer. It was so awesome to have such an amazing and curious audience. He can't can’t wait to continue speaking in the months to come!

As we continue to move through the summer we are so excited to be attending more events! This next Thursday through Saturday we will be at the Central School Marketplace in Grand Rapids! We are excited to get out talking with people again and focusing on education of this unique plant! If you are in the area we would love for you to stop by and chat!

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