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Our Ripple

Here at Rippled Leaf Farms we believe that everyone's actions create a ripple affect. We want our ripple to positively affect not only our customers, but also the environment as a whole.

The Ripple Effect

We are all familiar with the story of a small pebble being dropped into a still pond. It's effects at first remain close, but with time that single action reaches every shore.


With this story front of mind, we considered the ripples we wanted to create. First looking at our communities close to us and then those on a global scale, we thought about the ripples we wanted to create for the environment and the places we love. With all of our ripples in mind we crafted our business model. A model that uses the importance of our position to put the planet and it's people over profit.


Two values guide us through our process. First is our value of sustainability. We believe that a company should have the freedom to create, but not at the cost of our planet. 


Second we believe in transparency. It is one thing to write about values, it is another to live by them. With our intentions clear, we created products we know our customers will love.


But above all we hope to inspire people to recognize their ripple and embrace it, understanding the power they hold with each purchase and the ripples they create. With this vision clearly in mind we opened our hand and dropped our stone

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Is Hemp Sustainable?

Requires less water than other crops

(such as cotton)


No waterway pollution

Produces four times as much fiber as trees do per acre

Will convert CO2 into oxygen better than trees

Our Products

 Glass tubes and glass jars to be reused or recycled by the consumer. 

The corks are sustainably harvested, and no trees are harmed in the process.

Kraft Paper Tag labels made with recycled paper and soy based inks. The string that attaches to them is hemp twine.

We use eco-friendly and biodegradable Kraft paper tape.

All our boxes are either recycled or recyclable. 

Stickers are made from biodegradable materials (no plastics) and are Greenguard Gold Certified.

Click here to read our blog about our sustainable products

Plant with a Purpose:


Consumption or extraction​

Leaves & stalk:

Strong fibers, used for a variety of things such as hempcrete, biodegradable plastics, textiles, rope, biofuel and more.


Smoke, infuse, or have oils extracted 


Compost to increase soil health.


This day and age it is very easy for companies to label their products however they believe they will sell fastest.


At Rippled Leaf Farms we recommend that people take the time to learn about what they are putting into their bodies. So, we make that easy. We believe that transparency of our products and the process by which they are made is valuable.


We want our customers to feel good about their choices. When more people are aware of what they purchase and consume, the healthier and more consumer aware our population is overall.

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