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We may be a little biased when we say that plants are pretty amazing, so we teamed up with another brand that believes in the power of plants so that we can get you to experience the magic yourself! Rippled Leaf Farms is doing a collaboration with Elements Botanical Wellness to bring you beautiful totally plant based blends that are packed with our MN grown White CBG hemp and Element's Buddha blend of botanicals! Today we will be talking about CBG, the benefits of the botanicals, and why we are SO excited to be creating this blend.

CBG hemp flower mixed with botanicals such as lavender, lilac, rose, violet, forget me not, rosemary, and many more!
CBG x Botanicals Pre Rolls

After a year of hemp farming and a few months of selling our own products we now have our own experiences and lots of feedback from our customers about how CBG has benefited them. It is so amazing to hear that our products have helped with things like pain management, stress, and starting daily to-do lists. However, part of our job here at the farm is to help people recognize the benefits of using what the Earth naturally provides. Yes hemp is pretty amazing on the nature scale, but when the opportunity to work with another brand that also focuses on nature's amazing abilities with herbs and flowers arrived we just had to take it! Why limit our customers to just one type of botanical when we could pack in so many?!

The Buddha blend from Elements Botanical Wellness is an amazing blend of so many beneficial botanicals. We carefully chose these botanicals because they all have special properties that work magic on the human mind and body. This blend smells absolutely amazing, but tastes even better! When mixed in the rolls it really works to compliment the taste of the hemp.

The nice and fine grinded hemp flower mixed with colorful flowers and herbs
CBG x Botanical Blend

All Natural Ingredients:

**Note: We are not making any medical or health claims

White CBG Flower: helps relax, motivate, and reduce pain

Red Plum: heals body and builds muscle

Rose: reduces inflammation & stress

Jasmine: helps stress and insomnia

Tongxian Chrysanthemum: helps reduce inflammation and headaches

Colorful Chrysanthemum: helps improve cardiovascular functioning

Genmaicha: helps eliminate toxins, improves digestion, relaxes muscles

Calendula (Marigold): promotes cell repair, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties

Chamomile: helps relax

Violet: anti-inflammatory properties

Lilac Tea: thought to help with fevers

Forget Me Not: promotes spiritual connectedness

Rosemary: antioxidant, helps enhance memory, cognitive stimulant

Peppermint Leaf: helps relieve tension, headaches, clogged sinuses

Lavender: combates stress, insomnia, & restlessness

If you want to learn about the specific benefits of Element's botanicals click this link to head over to their website.

Hand holding green palm leaf roll next to house plants and white daisies with white desk background
Palm Leaf Roll

Our CBG & Botanicals blend perfectly combines so many of nature's super plants to to give you an amazing experience. Packed in either palm leaf rolls or organic hemp paper rolls we have a whole lot of yumminess that tastes oh so good. I've been smoking them in the morning to help get my thoughts organized and my body ready to start working through the tasks off the day. I can't get over how smooth they smoke and how yummy the taste is compared to our normal CBG rolls. It also helps with my pretty consistent neck/shoulder pain (which isn't exactly helped by farm work...) which is AMAZING since I haven't found many things to actually work.

Sustainable packing for our products with reusable glass vials, corks, hemp twine, and recycled paper tags with non-toxic ink. Blue and black small river rocks in the background.
Sustainable Packaging

All of our products are packaged with 100% sustainable packaging, that means no plastic! Our rolls are secure in reusable glass vials with cork tops (harvesting cork doesn't harm trees), hemp twine, and recycled paper tags with non-toxic ink. They will ship in recyclable boxes with eco-friendly tape, recyclable packing paper, and an eco-friendly sticker!

Read more about our sustainable packaging by reading this blog post here.

If you are thinking these blends sound as amazing as we think they are then you should head over to our shop fast! We only have a *very* limited supply of 15 palm leaf rolls and 15 pre rolls, so get them before they are gone. We also currently have free shipping on all orders over $60 so its a great time to stock up!

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