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Farming Methods


Our Philosophy


At Rippled Leaf Farms, we believe in the power of an educated consumer.  In today's world, every product sold has externalities attached. These can affect people positively or negatively, and it is up to the consumer to decide what stays in the market. On our farm we embrace our ripple. We do our part to make our products as transparent as possible so customers know exactly what goes into each plant, and in turn their bodies and ecosystems. Our hemp plants are grown using holistic farming methods utilizing all of nature's treasures, without any use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. To the right is a list of all the nutrients and pest control measures that we add to our fields. All of the nutrients on this list have been researched to ensure nothing is in our hemp that we did not intend. Along with using nutrients to help bloom a beautiful flower, we utilize the age old practice of companion planting. Each of our hemp plants are grown in tandem with herbs and flowers that boost the production of resin and accelerate growth in both the vegetative and flowering stage. To control the spread of mites and aphids along with other harmful pests, we’ve replaced conventional pesticides with helpful insects such as the assassin bug, which hunts up to 30 mites a minute. With our sustainable and holistic farming methods we produce an honest product that you can feel comfortable consuming and recommending to all of your friends.




  • Mycorrhizal fungi- Certain species of fungi are capable of bonding to the root system of hemp, extending its reach and increasing the nutrient intake of host plants. This results in bigger, better buds for everybody.

  • Nutri Rich organic- Organic, nitrogen rich fertilizer with helpful microbes. 

  • Organic compost- Decomposing organic matter provides a wide range of nutrients essential to a healthy field, and it puts waste products to good use. 

  • Liquid kelp- Increases growth during the flowering stage while making our buds more aromatic and potent.

  • Vitamin b1- Promotes strong root growth, and growth in the veggiatative and flowering stages

  • Cal-Mag- Regulates the amount of chlorophyll while keeping nutrient levels balanced. 

  • Bio Link- Promotes overall plant growth from seedling to flowering.


Pest Control:

  • Biofungicide- Our biofungicide uses a harmless bacteria to prevent mold and mildew. When dried, the biofungicide leaves no residue and the flower is safe for consumption.

  • Beneficial Insects- Some bugs are bad, but many are good. We use carefully selected species of insects to eliminate pests and keep them from eating the good stuff.



Field Grown

We have two industrial size greenhouses where our hemp can be monitored at all times. Greenhouses ensure that our plants will thrive in a controlled environment.

Five acres of outdoor grown hemp cover our property. Our field grown hemp is naturally nurtured by the sun and grown in pure northern Minnesota soil. 

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