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Edibles Made in MN

Embracing our ripple with compostable packaging

Inspired by Nature

Our Approach

At Rippled Leaf Farms we create our hemp products knowing that every action has a ripple effect. That is why we grow, craft, and package with clear intention. We aim to create beautiful, functional, and environmentally friendly products that deliver the feeling you are looking for. 

live terpenes




hand crafted

made in MN

How are we different?

1. Each product is formulated to feel well rounded.

We use a range of cannabinoids (that's right, not just THC!) and live terpenes (natural signatures of specific cannabis strains).

2. These magical bundles of fun are all packaged with environmentally friendly materials.

Our new custom gummy bags are now 100% compostable, even the child resistant zipper! These plus kraft paper bags, eco-friendly inks on labels and stickers, and recyclable shipping materials are all reflections of our love for the environment & a positive impact. 

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